Kim Lundin

o  Skinless pieces of fish, cut into 3/4" pieces
o  5/8 cup canning salt (not iodized)
o  4 cups white vinegar

Make enough salt/vinegar brine in the proportions above to cover the
amount of fish pieces you have.  Cover fish with brine.  Let stand five
days.  Then drain and discard brine, and soak fish in fresh water for
eight hours, and drain.  Have the following brine ready for the final
step.  Make it at the time you soak the fish in fresh water, so it is
thoroughly cooled when you need it.

o  1 cup white vinegar
o  1 cup sugar
o  1 cup white wine (I used Gallo Chablis Blanc)
o  1 tbl pickling spices
o  sliced onions in proportion to the fish
o  sliced carrots (optional)

Boil vinegar, sugar, wine and pickling spices five minutes, then cool,
and I mean frig temp.  If it is warm, the fish will become soft.
In small jars, alternate layers of fish with layers of sliced onion.
Cover with new brine and let stand at least two days before eating.
Small bones from fish like Northerns will be dissolved by this time.