Palomino Spaghettini

This recipe originated at the Palomino Restaurant in Minneapolis. And although I haven't had the pleasure of dining there, our company cafeteria (yes way) made this for lunch sometimes. That's where I got the recipe from. Some of my comments in parentheses are to reduce the fat content. It's a great dish for two, not for a crowd.

	1/2 oz toasted pine nuts (toast these first)
	2 oz sun dried tomatoes (cut in two, use scissors)
	1/3 bunch fresh basil (must be fresh, not dried, not from a jar)
	1 1/2 oz fresh parmesan cheese
	2 oz olive oil (can reduce to 1 oz)
	4 Tbl minced  garlic (use 2-3 tsp)
	1 cup peeled, seeded, diced roma tomatoes
	8 oz spaghettini (raw weight)
	1/4 cup dry white wine
	2 oz chilled butter (can reduce to 1 oz)
	1/2 cup chicken stock (add 1/2 tsp cornstarch)
	Have everything cut before you start cooking.

	Prepare pasta according to package directions.
	Saute garlic in oil for one minute - do not brown.
	Add tomatoes and sun dried tomatoes to pan.
	Add wine and chicken broth to deglaze; add half the basil.

	Heat until liquid is reduced by half.
	Add chilled butter and remove from heat when melted 
	(butter will thicken sauce slightly.)
	To serve, toss pasta with sauce, then top with parmesan,
	remaining basil and pine nuts.
	Serves two.

	Does not keep well, so eat up.