Thai Green Curry

The first time I tasted a Thai curry, I couldn't believe the wonderful flavor, and I couldn't imagine what was in it. Fortunately, I've since learned the secret is coconut. You can make curry paste (not powder) from scratch, but it's not worth it - Oriental grocery stores carry several "flavors" of Thai curry paste, see also my recipe for Thai red curry). You can also make your own coconut milk (not the liquid in the center of a coconut), but again, it's not worth it. Even regular grocery stores carry canned coconut milk now.

	1/2 small can green curry paste
	1/2 chicken, deboned, cut into pieces
	1 can coconut milk
	1 can peas (drained)
	1 can sliced water chestnuts (drained)
	Add all ingredients together.
	Heat to a boil.