Chocolate Brownie Pie

Another recipe from the kitchen of Georgia Freeman (my mom). Be careful - you can OD on this one.

	1 pie crust
	2 sqares unsweetened baking chocolate
	1/2 cup butter
	3/4 cup sugar
	1/2 tsp salt
	2 eggs
	1 tsp vanilla
	1/2 cup flour
	1/2 cup pecans
	Shaved chocolate

The chocolate butter and sugar can be replaced with
	6 oz chocolate chips
	1 stick butter
	1/2 cup sugar
	Melt cholate and butter over low heat or in double boiler.
	Add sugar and salt, cool 5 minutes.
	Blend in eggs and vanilla.
	Blend in flour and pecans.
	Pour in pie shell.
	Bake at 325F for 25-35 minutes.
	Cool.  Serve with shipped cream and shaved chocolate.