Humorlist for Thu Mar 16 2000

From: "Howie, Steven I."
Subject: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Minnesota Version)

$100.00 How many super bowls have the Vikings won?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 0
d. 4

$200.00 The Mississippi starts at which lake?
a. Lake Superior
b. Lake Itasca
c. Mille Lacs
d. The General Mills pond

$400.00 "Choppers" are worn on which body part?
a. Hands
b. feet
c. Head
d. Over da lower end of yer backside der.

$1,000.00 Which city is furder up nort der?
a. Ely
b. Dulute
c. St. Cloud
d. Waseca

$2,000.00 The state fish is?
a. Bass
b. Walleye
c. Carp
d. Eeelpout

$4,000.00 St. Paul is smaller than which other city?
a. Rochester
b. Dulute
c. Minneapolis
d. Osseo

$8,000.00 Lutefisk can be found where?
a. Mississippi River
b. Lake Superior
c. Mille Lacs lake
d. The basement of a Lutheran Church

$16,000.00 Which is considered a "state holiday"?
a. St. Patrick's Day
b. Fishing opener
c. Labor Day
d. Hopkins Raspberry Days

$32,000.00 Ole and Sven are?
a. The Mayors of Bemidji and Elk River
b. The Governor and Lt. Governor
c. The perpetual stereotypes of "Dumb Scandinavian" jokes
d. The former owners of the Vikings.

$64,000.00 Which color becomes fashionable each Fall?
a. Brown
b. Teal
c. Blaze Orange
d. Gray

$125,000.00 W-A-Y-Z-A-T-A is pronounced which way?
a. WAY-zat-A
b. why-ZET-a
c. way-ZOT-a
d. WHY-zate-a

$250,000.00 How thick should the ice be before driving onto the lake?
a. inch
b. 1 inch
c. 10 feet
d. 12 inches

$500,000.00 Which star was not born in Minnesota?
a. Judy Garland
b. James Arness
c. Jessica Lange
d. Pewee Herman

$1,000,000.00 Who was the first governor of Minnesota?
a. Verne Gagne
b. Alexander Ramsey
c. Henry Sibley
d. Nick Bockwinkle

$100.00 C
$200.00 B
$400.00 A
$1,000.00 A
$2,000.00 B
$4,000.00 C
$8,000.00 D
$16,000.00 B
$32,000.00 C
$64,000.00 C
$125,000.00 B
$250,000.00 D
$500,000.00 D
$1,000,000.00 C