Color Selector

The X11 window system provides a number of predefined colors, stored in a file called rgb.txt. The colors are defined as an RGB triple and a name. There are over 600 named colors, although 100 of them are shades of gray. This web page allows viewing the X11 colors sorted by a variety of color models. You can look here for a thorough explanation of the different color models. The display is 100 colors per page, each color swatch is a button containing both the name and the hexadecimal RGB triple. Clicking on a color button will display a page whose background is the color of that button with the alphabet displayed in both black and white foreground colors.

rgb.txt order - this is simply the order the color names occur in the rgb.txt file.

alphabetic - sort the color names in alphabetical order.

lightness - sort the colors according to lightness, formula: r2 + g2 + b2.

hls - sort of the colors according to lightness, hls model, formula: (max (r,g,b) + min (r,g,b))/2.

yiq - sort colors according to lightness, yiq model, (this accounts for differences in how humans perceive intensity by color) formula: .3r + .59g + .11b.

hue (hsv) - convert from rgb to hsv model before sorting. Hue is an angle from zero to 360, saturation is from zero to one, and the value is from zero to one. I don't think I have this working right (jlf).