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As a stroke survivor, I volunteer to visit stroke patients at Regions Hospital. Carol Droegemueller, Stroke Program Coordinator at Regions, gave a talk about the Sharegivers program at the International Stroke Conference Feb 2014. Carol videotaped three of us in the program for the talk. My main point was that there is life after stroke. There are 12,000 strokes a year in Minnesota alone (800,000 nationally). Peer visits were suspended March 2020 due to the Corona virus.

Here is the Regions Hospital Sharegivers Video.

I kept a journal of my experience with stroke, hospitalization, rehab, and recovery on Caring Bridge. There are over 100 entries there, lots in the first days, not so much anymore. You can sort them newest first or oldest first.

Here is my Youtube channel. I have videos of me playing piano, plus some "MovieMaker" movies.

Please read my blog, called Between The Ears, mostly about Bible topics.

I have the honor of being a coauthor on a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine, July 24, 2014. Here is a link to HLA Match Likelihoods for Hematopoietic Stem-Cell Grafts in the U.S. Registry

Here is my resume (MSWord) which is my history as a computer programmer.

See Freeman's online photo album.

Listen to John play the piano/harpsichord.



Pearls Before Swine



This image is a Julia set, named after a 20th century mathematician. I wrote the program that generated it back when I worked for Cray Research with help from Dave Cahlander. This image was generated on a Cray YMP. It is part of a larger program which also generates Mandelbrot sets, at the time I believe it was the fastest Mandelbrot set generator in the world. On a static web page, I can't show much beyond an image, but it made a very impressive demo of the Cray and the X Window System.

Here is a handy little web page that I wrote to select colors. These colors are from the X11 "database" called rgb.txt.

color selector

Jokes, quotes and more.

Index to the humorlist. I used to send out jokes to a mailing list. I quit doing that around Oct 2000, but the back issues are still viewable.

Also check out my cookbook.

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